RED BULL Energy drink (can) 250 ml

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Feeling tired and sleepy? Are not able to concentrate. Try the new Red bull energy drink that can instantly make you feel alive, active and awake. A relatively new concept in India, Red bull was one of the first companies to introduce an energy drink to the market. Enriched with B group vitamins that are important for energy metabolism and neurological functions, Red bull - a functional drink, leaves a positive impact on your physical performance. Caffeine has a stimulating affect on the mental and physical functions of the body, while the sugars in the functional beverage give you instant energy. Red bull is made from 100% pure water from the Swiss Alps and specially developed for people who want a clear and focused mind. It instantly enhances your concentration levels and makes you more alert. It stimulates metabolism that will make you feel more active and energetic. Red bull is helpful during long or late night working hours, while driving, during intensive sport session or any form of exercise. In short Red Bull vitalizes body and mind in virtually any situation of our daily life. Red bull really does give you wings!!!

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